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Time Sheet Tracking
and Work in Progress

Invoicing their clients on the basis of time spent on projects, DMW Consultancy’s client relies on staff timesheet information for the calculation of billing amounts.

Recorded on timesheets, hours staff spend on projects are input into a central computer system, which then outputs the invoices.

Our client had two main problems. First, not all time sheets were being presented on time.

Second, and a consequence of the first, invoicing was not reflecting times actually worked by all employees on a client project.

To assist our client in their efforts to tighten up on time recording, DMW developed a database that determines the gaps in timesheet information stored on the central system and chases the staff concerned.

Chasing Late Time Sheets

On a weekly basis, the database automatically emails staff who have fallen behind on their time sheets

Additionally the system keeps department heads aware of the situation by emailing a summary of miscreants' slackness.

Each month the database emails department heads with a work-in-progress report based on the hours allocated by each employee to client projects.

Value to Client

Systematic approach to time recording:


A multi-national advertising, design and consultancy company.


Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook and VBA. Real-time database links to client’s Oracle-based accounting and time recording system.

“Remember that time is money”

Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Tradesman (1748)