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Business Spreadsheet Design and Development

When you want assistance with your own spreadsheets or need new ones developed for you, then DMW Consultancy Ltd is there to provide the expertise upon which you can rely.

If you need a custom spreadsheet, DMW bring to bear the experience of working with spreadsheets since the early 1980s when spreadsheets emerged as a serious business tool on the PC, and in particular with Microsoft Excel in the years since it first appeared in 1987.

Experience is not limited to spreadsheets for finance and investment. DMW has applied Excel to, for example, estimating, product specifications, engineering and scientific subjects, time management and reporting, estimating and bills of materials.

Issues with Spreadsheets

DMW’s aim is to make your spreadsheets accurate, efficient, easy to use and reliable as business tools.

Very many of the spreadsheets we see have some of these shortcomings:

If this list applies to any of your spreadsheets, then these cannot be relied upon and risk yielding faulty information. Please consider calling DMW to give your spreadsheets a health check.

Spreadsheet Support and Maintenance

Spreadsheet Audit and Health Check

You receive reports on the state of your spreadsheet and DMW makes recommendations on fixing faults and improving performance.

DMW charge a fixed fee agreed with you for this service dependent on the size of the spreadsheet and the complexity of any macros.

You can act on these recommendations yourself or have DMW fix or re-engineer the spreadsheet for you.

Fault Fixing

Faults found in your spreadsheet during an audit are corrected and you are charged an agreed fixed fee determined by the amount of work that needs to be done.

Spreadsheet Re-engineering

DMW’s aim is to give you the spreadsheet you really want — to rid it of any fault, to make it work properly and reliably, and to make it easy and accurate to use.

Upgrading Macros

Rewriting of macros to professional standards can be included in the service. DMW charge a fixed fee for this service, the scale of which is determined by the results of an audit and any additional requirements you choose to specify.

“I am a businessman at the end of the day. I have grown up with Excel sheets. I start out writing my novel with spreadsheets and the milestones in each chapter highlighted.”

Ashwin Sanghi (Indian author)