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How to Fix Date Picker Not Showing on an Access Form

Last updated by David Wallis on 2024-04-19.

The Best of Intentions

You may have designed a form on which you've place a text box that is to display a date. Or you may have taken over someone else's design:

Form with date box

On clicking on a text box that displays a date, you expect Access to show the Date Picker:

Access Date Picker

But what if Access chooses not to? What's preventing it? That's what this article endeavours to explain.

Table Design

I know you would never make this mistake in your own table designs, but if you've worked on scores of designs from other people, I'll bet you have examples.

It's where, instead of a field being assigned the Date/Time data type, it's been assigned some other data type. As in this table's QuoteDate field in a database I was commissioned to upgrade in April 2022:

Short text date field

It's easy to overlook the wrong assignment of data type to the QuoteDate field if you rush your review of the design.

There's another aspect of table design that can block Date Picker. This is explained in the next section.

Input Masks

These are two cases of where the application of an Input Mask will block the Date Picker:

If the Input Mask's applied to both table and form, as in the designs illustrated above, you need to remove it from both for Date Picker to work.

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