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Microsoft® Office/365 Software Training Workshops

A workshop lasts for a half or a full day and covers any combination of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Word to suit those attending.

You fill a workshop by booking out slots in multiples of half-an-hour to groups sharing similar interests and to individuals.

Workshops offer advantages over formal training courses:

Example of a Workshop

This is an example of how one training workshop ran (what the client wanted was help across a number of Microsoft Office applications):

9:30am—10:00am Understanding the Excel SUMIF function and its applications (two people)

10:00am—11:30am Reviewing the use of Styles in managing complex Word documents (four people)

11:30am—12:30pm Finding a solution to an intermittent Excel macro problem (one person)

12:30pm—1:30pm Break for lunch

1:30pm—3:30pm Understanding ways of using Access queries to identify and remove duplicated data (two people)

3:30pm—4:30pm Upgrading database to Access 2016 (five people).

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”