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Microsoft® Office Training

Bespoke training on the use of Microsoft® Access, Excel and Word and programming in VBA.

This page is an overview of DMW’s formal training courses:

Workshops, mentoring and support for working from home, as alternatives to full courses, are summarised on DMW’s HOME page.

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Company-Specific Training

If your preference is for company-specific training instead of scheduled public courses, then DMW supplies on-site tailored training courses and workshops in Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word.

Your needs for training at all levels from beginner to advanced user and programmer/developer are catered for.

Varying in size from sole-proprietor, through SMEs to corporates, DMW’s clients span a wide range of business types, including advertising, banking, catering, construction, consultancy, forestry, HR, insurance, investment, landscaping, manufacturing, motor industry, pharmaceuticals, research and transport.

On-the-Job Workplace Training

Our On-Site Training page presents a full explanation of why DMW considers bringing the training to you offers the best approach to meeting your training needs. An approach that keeps costs down and disruption to people's daily schedules to a minimum.

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Though most of DMW’s bookings are in London, Kent, Sussex and the M25 area, your trainer will travel anywhere in the UK if you kindly provide B&B for an overnight stay to make certain the training day starts on time.

Bespoke Course Content

To provide the training that suits your specific needs, you agree with DMW an appropriate pick-and-mix of topics from our introductory, intermediate and advanced level course content.

DMW matches practical aspects of any course to the activities for which you will use the software in your day-to-day work.

As added value to pass on to you, DMW brings to the training sessions experience of developing business applications using Microsoft Office. Understanding gained from such experience is central to the effective application of the software to the objectives of your business and your users.

As an alternative to courses, DMW provides Microsoft Office/365 Software Training Workshops for individuals and groups present great flexibility over how a half-day or a full-day of training is targeted across combinations of the Microsoft 365 programs.

Microsoft Access Training Courses

The Access training overview page explains the DMW approach to on-site Access 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 courses and workshops.

Your course presenter has years of experience in developing relational databases for DMW’s clients. Such experience is invaluable when your database people seek assistance addressing their most pressing issues.

These are the relevant links to topics covered in each of the courses:

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

The Excel training overview page explains the DMW approach to on-site Excel courses and workshops.

Microsoft Excel's user interface ribbon

Since Excel first became available in the UK, your course presenter has been developing business spreadsheets for DMW clients; and, even in its early days trained, personnel at Microsoft's UK headquarters in their use of Excel.

These are the links to pages of course details:

Microsoft Word Training Courses

The Word training overview page explains the DMW approach to on-site Word courses and workshops, an approach in which the emphasis is on whole-document composition and not simply on sentences and paragraphs.

These are the links to pages of course details:

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Training

DMW can support you in your pursuit of programming skills in ways explained on our VBA Training Courses, Workshops and Mentoring page.

If you want to limit your programming to any one of the Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 applications, then these pages present details: Microsoft Excel VBA Training and Microsoft Access VBA Training.

Microsoft Office 365 Conversion Courses

People working graphicA number of DMW clients have their newest PCs and laptops equipped with recent versions of Office 365, while their other workstations run earlier versions.

If you are in this situation, DMW has a Conversion Workshop for users making the change to office 365.

Special Courses

From time to time there is demand for training that does not fit the regular pattern. Examples of special-focus courses DMW designed to meet this demand include:

“Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.”

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