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Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Microsoft® 365 Business Solutions

DMW Consultancy integrates the Access, Excel, Word and Outlook programs of Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 to make information flow with the minimum of hassle and to the greates business advantage.

Automating operations that otherwise require boring, time-consuming, error-prone repetitive manual tasks, frees people for more productive work. Also, exploiting computers to achieve this automation increases Return On Investment (ROI) in IT.

A main aim of DMW is to make the information a client holds readily available from a single source to anyone in their business who needs to use it. Efficiency gains are achieved in data collection, maintenance and storage, and in information distribution and reporting.

Example of Office Integration

A multi-national company, DMW’s client billed their customers on the basis of time spent on projects. DMW’s client’s main accouning and time-recording system converted timesheet information into invoices.

Unfortunately, many time sheets were not up-to-date and many more remained unsubmitted until purges, usually towards the end of a project, filled in the gaps. Thus billing was far from consistent, and as likely as not was back loaded. This lead to complaints from customers about unexpectedly high invoiced amounts at the end of projects.

The main system could not identify timesheets that were incomplete or missing. So DMW was engaged to provide an automated process for chasing timesheets.

In a Microsoft Access database, DMW linked to the main system in real time. Algorithms determined which timesheets were incomplete or missing. Details of these were emailed via Microsoft Outlook to the offenders, prompting them to bring things up-to-date. Heads of departments were notified of anyone failing to respond.

Results were immediate.

information ⇝ knowledge ⇝ initiative ⇝ opportunity