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Sales Leads and Tenders Database

DMW Consultancy’s database stores information about their client’s sales leads and tenders submitted. It provides our client with the means of tracking the whole process of sourcing leads, following up on those leads, recording invitations to tender, submitting tenders and tracking the progress of each tender.

Leads are distributed amongst the sales team. Tenders are tracked by managers. Reporting includes sales and project management performance, who-does-what-when and forecasting.

Value to Client

Central source for generation of sales leads and tracking of tenders; a key tool for marketing and sales management decision making:


A national company providing forestry management, and urban and rural landscaping services.

Sales Forecasting

An important feature of the database is the ability to project sales on the basis of tenders and their status.

Also it provides analysis on tenders won and lost, and on the individual performances of sales team members, project managers, with breakdown by nature of work and client

Keeping track of leads and tenders