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Insurance Premiums and Claims Database

Database tracks the premiums, fees and claims of the policy holders; and the commission of, and payments made to, agents and brokers.

Last updated on 2021-10-21 by David Wallis.

Database Construction

The construction underpinning the database is modular so that the process of adapting it to suit a wide range of insurance businesses is not going to be either time consuming or unduly costly.

My intention is not to make a one-design-fits-all, mass-market product, such as would possess lots of “features” that would not be of use to any particular client.

What I aim for, in cooperation with a client, is an application tailored to suit the way in which their users work. So, the basic module is taken, tested and tuned accordingly.

Custom insurance database navigation screen

Value to Client

The database offers a lot of advantages, including these:

Software Development Platform

The database uses Microsoft Access and VBA. It is intended for installatioin on a LAN (local area network) so that it can be used by a number of people at the same time.

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