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Database Design and Development

DMW’s aim in database design is to achieve tools for business that are easy to use, straightforward to maintain and rich in yields of information that can be used to business advantage.

Also, recognising that few businesses manage to specify their database perfectly at the outset, DMW build each database so that it is open to modification and extension without excessive additional resources.

DMW has been designing and developing Microsoft Access databases since Access first arrived in the UK in 1992. So we offer a wealth of experience to help you achieve exactly what you need.

Database Development Return on Investment

Design and development costs should be weighed against the ROI that will accrue from the use of the database over its lifetime.

DMW works closely with our clients to make sure any database matches business needs and objectives, intent on yielding that return on investment.

Multi-user database

DMW assists in focussing on true needs, and on distinguishing these from wishes. Wishes, which may sound like good ideas at the outset, inflate specifications and lead to inclusion in a database of areas that never get used or maintained properly. Thus wishes may over-complicate a database and certainly will inflate the cost of development.

Database Consultancy

Experience across scores of business sectors and business applications means DMW has much to offer in determining the best approach to take for a new database.

Certainly DMW can help you avoid the sorts of costly mistakes that are still being made in the specification, commissioning, development and usage of relational databases.

Bespoke Database Designs

These are some of the databases DMW has developed for clients in the UK:

Access Database Conversion

As you convert your databases from versions 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010 to Office Access 365, you’re faced with the question as to whether or not to refine or extend them as part of the conversion project.

MSA versions

DMW provides conversion services and consultancy on refining and extending your databases.

There’s more about conversion on these pages: converting Access databases, converting Access 97 databases, converting Access 2003 databases and converting Access 2007 databases.

Contact DMW Consultancy

Based near Tonbridge, DMW is well situated for clients within the M25, London, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.

But clients are not exclusively from this region. DMW travels to anywhere in the UK its particular skills are required.

As an alternative to visits and strings of emails, a conference call combined with secure remote access provides an efficient way of addressing issues relating to a new or existing database.

To make initail contact, please ill in our simple contact form or call on +44 (0)1732 833085.

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