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Asset Leasing Management System

Our client leases vehicles, office equipment, business machines, furniture and so on to other businesses, education and local government.

Our database tracks the allocation of assets to customers, the terms of the accompanying lease contract agreements and any extensions and amendments to leases.

Work on this System started in 2001. At the time it was considered a stop-gap while the client awaited incorporation of lease managment into their centralised data processor. This did not happen.

2002, 2003 and 2004 saw significant additional development of the System as it grew to be a key business tool relied upon by the client for the function of this aspect of their business. This further development included upgrading from Access 97 to Access 2003.

2005 to 2011 saw further enhancements with DMW ugrading the System to Access 2007 in 2011.

Thereafter DMW continued to support the system on an ad-hoc basis, in 2016 providing an upgrade to Access 2010 64 bit.

In 2017, the client agreed with DMW that continuing on an ad-hoc basis no longer suited both parties. DMW assisted the client in appointing a company to continue caring for the System

Main Features

A user navigates the System from the System Switchboard:

Access database Asset Management System

Through Screens a user inputs and edits all records saved within the database. Data sets include:

The System runs on a LAN (local area network) allowing a number of users to access the data at the same time without concern about their activity interfering with other users.


Access to a comprehensive suite of reports is provided via the Management Reports and Administrative Reports lists on the switchboard.

The management reports present summaries of historic, current and predicted future activity, from different viewpoints of the business.

Users responsible for the input and upkeep of records have administrative reports in support of their efforts.

Both management and administrative reporting include outputs to Excel. These outputs are available to those who want to perform their own what-ifs knowing they will not be causing harm to primary data.


Microsoft Access and VBA with Microsoft Excel extensions.

“If you count all your assets you always show a profit.”

Wilson Mizner (1876 to 1933, writer and actor)